Case Summary:
The defendant was charged with a single count of felony vandalism. The charge arose out of an incident where many different people (over a long period of time) were parking their vehicles on the defendant's property. No Trespassing and No Parking signs had been erected. A person, in violation of the signs, parked their vehicle on the defendant's property. The defendant subsequently dropped a boulder/cement block on the vehicle's windshield/hood area. The damage was in excess of $1000. The defendant pled to a single count of tampering with a vehicle.

Attorney Comments:
There wasn't much of a defense in this case. As frustrating as it might be, the law does not authorize vandalizing people's property even if they are trespassing. My client had reacted out of a great deal of frustration and, perhaps, even a little intoxication. We were able to negotiate a misdemeanor resolution to this case that prevented my client from having to do any jail time and no suspension of his driver's license.

Siskiyou County, California

Actual Case Summaries

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