Case Summary:
The Defendant was charged with multiple counts for Identity Theft and a single count of Theft. The charges arose after the Defendant was caught shoplifting and, upon law enforcement contact, was discovered with multiple ID's in his possession that presumably belonged to other people. The Defendant pled guilty to a single count of theft and was ordered to pay a fine with no additional jail time than the day he spent was he was arrested.

Attorney Comments:
The theft charge in this case was the only real charge that would likely stick. None of the people whose ID's were allegedly stolen had ever been contacted or, for that matter, were even determined to exist. Without more substantial evidence establishing the ID theft it was unlikely the State could prove my client had committed any crime in this regard. The State agreed to dismiss those charges in exchange for a plea to the theft charge and my client agreed. It was a reasonable outcome.

Josephine County, Oregon

Actual Case Summaries

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