Case Summary:
The Defendant had multiple open cases in multiple states. The Defendant ultimately resolved his open cases for a single misdemeanor charge and had to pay a fine.

Attorney Comments:
The details of my client's situation are somewhat complex. My client had a warrant out of California and was arrested in Oregon. We were able to get him out of jail in Oregon while at the same time getting him scheduled to appear in California for court. This allowed him to be free of custody versus having to remain in jail pending a transfer. Additionally, my client was facing new criminal charges in Oregon while dealing with his fugitive status and open court matters in California. When all was said and done my client's California case wrapped up favorably for him and his Oregon cases did not impose any additional jail time or probation. His fugitive case was dismissed upon his warrants in California being recalled and quashed. As I said, the details of everything that happened is somewhat complex but my client was exceptionally happy with the result.

Jackson County, Oregon

Actual Case Summaries

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