Case Summary:
The Defendant was charged with driving while under the influence in two separate cases in two different states. The Defendant ultimately was convicted in both cases and sentenced to do minimal incarceration time.

Attorney Comments:
Scenarios where my clients have multiple open cases across state lines create unique challenges. In this situation my client was arrested for DUI in California. My client had previously hired another attorney to represent him in that case. Post his arrest in California, but pre-conviction, he was arrested in Oregon for a DUI. He hired another attorney in Oregon to represent him on that charge. My client, with encouragement from his current attorney, entered DUI diversion in Oregon. However, this is not legal and he had received bad advice from his Oregon attorney. Meanwhile, in California, my client's California attorney did not make court appearances on my client's behalf and a warrant was issued for his arrest. My client hired me after he was arrested and put in jail in Oregon for a warrant out of California.

I was able to assist him to get out of jail immediately, avoid additional criminal charges in Oregon for illegally entering dui diversion, and avoid increased penalties for the DUI case he had pending in California. Again, the nuts and bolts of the case were somewhat complex but all things considered the outcome was good and my client was pleased.

Del Norte County, California and Jackson County, Oregon

Actual Case Summaries

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