Case Summary:
The defendant was charged with a number of felony Drug Charges, to include Export/Important of Marijuana, Unlawful Delivery and Possession of Marijuana. The charges arose after the defendant was stopped during a traffic stop and another vehicle that he was alleged to have been traveling with was searched. Officers found over 100 lbs. of marijuana in the other vehicle. The defendant, along with two other people were charged with the above listed crimes. The defendant ultimately pled to a single misdemeanor and paid the statutory maximum fine.

Attorney Comments:
This was a challenging case that took nearly a year to come to a conclusion. There was a potential issue with the legality of what the officers had done in investigating the case. However, my client's primary concern was to avoid a felony conviction. Early on in the case I was able to get the DA to agree to offer my client a misdemeanor, but it would require him to pay a sizable amount. In order to come up with the funds, my client needed an extended amount of time to collect/save the amount due to pay the fine. After a long delay, my client was able to secure funds and he pleaded to a single misdemeanor count and had to pay the maximum fine. However, he avoided a felony conviction and was not ordered to do any jail time. It was a good outcome to a tough case.

Lake County, Oregon

Actual Case Summaries

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