Case Summary:
The defendant was charged with Assault and Harassment. The charges arose out of an incident between the defendant and his wife wherein an argument ensued and it became physical between the two of them. The wife called the police and the police arrested defendant for the above crimes. The case was dismissed shortly before trial was to begin.

Attorney Comments:
This is another example of police bias and poor investigation. My client and his wife were separated. The wife had come to my client's residence. At the residence an argument begin and my client requested the wife to leave his home. This home was my client's and not hers, as she was residing elsewhere as they were separated. The wife refused to leave and continued to escalate the confrontation. After repeated requests for the wife to leave, and her refusal to do so, my client attempted to escort her to the door. During this exchange the wife sustained minor injuries (small bruising, scrapes, etc.). A person has the legal right to eject a trespasser from their home. Plea negotiations failed in this case and my client demanded a trial. The state dismissed the case shortly before trial was to begin.

Jackson County, Oregon

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