Case Summary:
The Defendant was charged with a felony unlawful use of a weapon and multiple counts of reckless endangering. The Defendant, who was traveling with his family, was driving on a freeway when another vehicle began ramming his vehicle from behind in an incident of road rage. Due to heavy traffic The Defendant was unable to exit the freeway. Instead, The Defendant fired his weapon into the dirt shoulder on the side of the freeway. The other vehicle immediately stopped ramming The Defendant's vehicle. Law enforcement was called and arrested The Defendant for the above charges. The Defendant pled no contest to disorderly conduct in the second degree and did no additional jail time.

Attorney comments:
"This was a pathetic case and really highlights how innocent citizens are threatened into pleading. The charge my client was facing was one that, if convicted, the law said he should go to prison for five years. I strongly believed that my client had not done anything wrong. In fact, what he had done was in defense of himself and his family. However, the State was unwillingly to dismiss the case. After an extensive defense investigation, the State offered a deal that would require my client to plea to a single misdemeanor count while dismissing the rest of the charges. We fought the case for more than 6 months and it was taking a heavy toll on my client and his family. Jury trials are always unpredictable and my client opted to resolve the case. While my client avoided risking being a convicted felon, he became a "victim" to the State's extortionary plea bargaining tactics that are all too common."

Marion County, Oregon

Actual Case Summaries

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