Case Summary:
The defendant was charged with a single count of Reckless Endangerment of a Highway Worker. The charge arose out of an incident where it was alleged that the defendant ignored a traffic flagger and drove his vehicle into a construction zone that was hazardous to vehicular traffic. The defendant pled to a violation of failure to obey a traffic control device and had to pay a fine. 

Attorney Comment:
"This case was a frustrating one. I believed the State was going to struggle to prove their case. There was very little evidence of what happened besides witness reports. It is the State's burden to prove their case and I was skeptical that, based upon the witnesses reports, they were going to be able to do that at a trial. However, after discussions with the DA resulted in a violation offer (non-criminal charge) my client opted to plead guilty to that instead of risking the uncertainty of trial. Whenever the government offers to resolve a case with a plea to a non-criminal charge it is hard to pass up."

Curry County, Oregon

Actual Case Summaries
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