Case Summary:
The defendant was charged with several counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, as well as charges related to drug possession. In addition, he was charged in a separate case with various sexual crimes. The defendant ultimately was put on felony probation for the firearm crimes and also pled to a single count of misdemeanor sexual battery.

Attorney Comments:
The sex charges in this case were blown out of proportion and we contended that it lacked much merit in the first place. The alleged victim of the sex "crimes" lacked credibility and gave various versions of what had actually occurred. However, because my client was in a bad situation (due to his prior criminal history) it made resolving this case a challenge. In California there are certain times where a person is legally deemed ineligible for probation and if they are convicted of a felony the law says they should go to prison. My client was a person that met this criteria. However, after several back and forth discussions with the DA we were able to negotiate a resolution that included my client avoiding time in prison. Instead, my client was put on felony probation and sentenced to county jail for a period of time. My client was pleased to have avoided going to prison, which was his biggest concern.

Siskiyou County, California

Actual Case Summaries

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